I knew it was a long shot… my husband was coming off of two days of work, (both of which had sleepless nights).  We hadn’t talked about it.  I didn’t even think about it until I woke up this morning.  But, I had to ask….

“Honey, would you like me to take the kids to the snow while you sleep?”

“No!  I want to go!”

snow-1 snow-2 snow-3 snow-4 snow-5 snow-6

The kids had one wish… that they would actually see snow falling from the sky.  Their wish was granted. Fresh snow floated down the entire time.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  We found the best spot with a huge sledding hill and thick fresh snow.  I haven’t been in snow like that since living in Southern California!

snow-7 snow-8 snow-9

Before:  hiking up to sled


After:  snow-covered face!

snow-11 snow-12

Sierra, Natalie, and I hiked all the way up the hill where we ate snow, pretended to be in Narnia, and pondered the glory of God.  I’d say we covered p.e., literature, and Bible.  School, check!

snow-13 snow-14

Daniel and Malachi ventured up the hill, as well.  The girls weren’t so thrilled about having visitors interrupt their serene spot.

snow-15 snow-16 snow-17 snow-18

Daniel hiked up the hill once again with Malachi on his back.  I’d say his lack of sleep wasn’t real apparent.   Of course, he is sound asleep now.  The kids are finishing up watching their Friday night movie, “The Parent Trap,” and I am sitting here blogging with a tired mind, but such a content heart.  I think I’ll go join them and then go dream about our lovely day in the snow.


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