Nothing Day

Last semester it was Wednesday…. this semester it’s Tuesday;  our only activity-free day.  (A.K.A. my favorite day of the week!)  Since we have another huge storm in the forecast, we decided to spend much of this day outside.  It was like a glorious spring day and got me super excited about the upcoming gardening season!


I went to clean out my gardening rack from the last big storm, and discovered I had left my seed packets out in the rain… And guess what?  The peas wee sprouting right out of the packets!  I immediately called the kids over to check it out and hep me plant them.  I hope they survive!

ou-11 ou-9

And our lemons… more lemons!  I picked a huge bucket full, and hope to juice them tomorrow.  But, there are still SO many more on the trees!


This girl painted a succulent…


These guys played in the sandbox, with the fairy garden, on the swings, on their bikes… perhaps that’s why it’s so quiet right now!  Sweet dreams, little ones!

ou-6 ou-5 ou-4

Thank you for your pollination, Mr. Bee!



We did manage to squeeze some “real” school in, but I’m not sure which they’ll remember more…. reading about the Magna Charta, or planting gladiolus!


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