What a Week!


After a super busy week with my husband mostly gone, I was looking forward to a more relaxed week with my husband home…  Well, it was indeed a fun week with him home, but hardly relaxing!  From celebrating our 13th anniversary and going out while the kids got a babysitter, to a full day at Knott’s Berry Farm, to seeing the play A Secret Garden at our local theater, to celebrating Chinese New Year, to whale watching, to heading up to Winter Camp… and all our activities and school in-between,  I.  AM.  BEAT.  Filled to the brim with joy and family time, but exhausted and thrilled that tomorrow is a “free day.”  (Of course “free” means laundry catch-up, menu planning, cleaning up, and school planning, but in a quiet house with an extra cup of coffee it sounds phenomenal!)


As I mentioned above, we sent our two oldest girls up these mountains this afternoon for a weekend in the snow with our church’s 5th/ 6th grade winter camp.  I snapped this picture this morning as a reminder to pray for them.  Something tells me I’ll have no trouble remembering.  I miss them, already!  But, I am so grateful for this opportunity for them to meet new friends, draw closer to the Lord, and have fun… and they’ll actually have snow this year!  Hooray!

Lots more pics from this week to come…


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