Whale Watching 2017

We were all exhausted after a long day and a long week.  My big girls were leaving for winter camp the next afternoon.  The forecast was for extreme winds.  But, our Groupon was about to expire and the only other day we could possibly use it, the forecast was for rain.  So, windy and tired it was… we decided to head out to whale watch the morning before sending the girls off to winter camp.  That means, they were riding on a boat and seeing dolphins in the morning, but playing in the snow by evening.  Only in Southern California…

ww1 ww2 ww3

The winds were indeed as strong as predicted, but we were prepared with hats and gloves and such.  The strong winds made for beautiful clear skies and we enjoyed seeing the snowy mountains the girls would later be driving up from the boat.  Can you spot them below?

ww4 ww5 ww6 ww7

Sadly, we saw no whales.  But, the boat ride was lots of fun and there were so many dolphins it was hard to be disappointed!

ww9 ww10

And, sea lions… we did get coupons to come back since we saw no whales, so we will definitely try again.

One girl was extremely tired and crying about having to whale watch instead of doing school… (yes, seriously!)  By the end, she was hugging her brother and smiling big.  (Actually, she was smiling the whole time once we finally got there).



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