Valentine’s Day 2017

I tell my kids this all the time… be specific in your prayer requests!  God cares about the details.  He certainly honored my request for a romantic husband.  It’ll be easy for you to see when I post these pictures of flowers and chocolates, incredible meals, and a fun hike… he really did bless my socks off with a wonderful birthday/ Valentine’s day!  But truly, I am also grateful for the day-to-day of taking the kids out so I can have a break… offering to cook or take us out… noticing something needs to be fixed and doing it… choosing to play games or go for walks over mindless tv… this man of mine… oh, for him I prayed!


Our day began with a quiche breakfast, and special cards for us all.  The kids look forward to their special cards from Papa more than even their chocolates from him, (though it’s close!)

bv-2 bv-3

As I began to read Malachi his card from Papa, he got a bit embarrassed, and ran to hug Papa.  It was the sweetest thing…


After breakfast, we picked up a movie for the two middle girls since Sierra wasn’t feeling well, then headed out to our favorite waterfall.


Daniel And Allison decided to take a hiking break to try out some of their Taekwando moves.

bv-7 bv-8 bv-9 bv-10 bv-11

The water was incredible after all the rain we’ve had.


bv-13 bv-14 bv-15 bv-16

We came home, and Daniel sent me off for my massage while he cooked dinner.  Amazing!

bv-17 bv-18

bv-19 bv-20The chocolate soufflés were probably the best birthday dessert I’ve ever had.  And, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using the leftover heavy whipping cream in my coffee every morning.

42 is off to a fabulous start!


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