Marching On

Yesterday I awoke to a rat in the trap.  Happy as I was to have caught the rat who ate all my bell peppers last week, my heart also sunk knowing my husband wasn’t home and I was left to clean out the trap.  Ugh.  I went to the garage, bravely donned my latex gloves, and disposed of the rat.

Then last night I awoke to what I thought was a chicken screaming.  Once again, I had to be brave.  First, I opened the window next to the chicken coop, but by then it was silent.  Hmmm… was I dreaming?  With my heart racing, I decided to walk outside and see if the chicken gate was shut.  Indeed it was, and I didn’t see or hear anything else, so I went back to bed.  Sadly, this morning when I went to let out the chickens, I found a dead chicken… beheaded with it’s body in the coop, but wings sticking out.  Somehow, the bobcat had managed to get in the coop and drag one chicken out, but couldn’t get it out all the way so it was stuck.  Little did I know that disposing of a rat paled in comparison to having to crawl into a chicken coop, drag a chicken body by it’s feet and dispose of it.


The reason I was the one to find the chicken is because my number three, whose job it is to let the chickens out, woke up with a fever and tummy ache and went straight to the couch.  Somehow cleaning her vomit off the ground wasn’t as disturbing after dragging the dead chicken.  And so began my March…


On the bright side, the sun was finally out and felt glorious after all the gloom of February.  As much as I love a rainy day, today the sunshine was much appreciated.  We sat outside and enjoyed our lime popsicles; the only thing Sierra wanted to eat today.



I got to hold a sick girl and cuddle while the others played… we talked about the apricot buds starting to blossom, and how our succulents are suddenly huge.



We even found some red berries, which I have no idea where they came from.  And, our tiny orange tree has some blossoms.  I think orange blossoms are my favorite scent!




It wasn’t what I would have chosen for a day… but it was a gift, none-the-less.  As much as I loved my getaway to Seattle and I hated being awoken from chicken screams, these are both just parts of life… the good fills me with extra joy for when the trials come, and the trials fill me with joy as I see them grow and stretch me and show me God’s grace.  Happy March!


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