One Week Ago…

A week ago today, I began to feel relief… Daniel was home and gave our sick girl Sierra two iv bags, after which her fever went down and she felt much better.  In fact, I thought she was in the clear.  Five days of feeling miserable on the couch and having soaring temps was just too much…

But Monday came, the temp went back up, and I knew it was time to take her in.  She fell asleep on the couch, and I woke her to take her to the doctor and then to get her blood drawn.  I didn’t expect that the doctor would call and tell me to take her to the hospital!

We arrived Monday evening, and I finally felt some real relief.  Though she was still miserable, she was now in good hands.

After a restless night with constant interruptions, the new day brought good news.  Her kidneys were fine.  She had a bladder infection and was dehydrated.  Her temp needed to go down and stay down for her to go home, but at least we knew what it was and no damage was done.  She spent three full days and three nights there, then came home Thursday.

During one of her naps on the couch last weekend, I snuck out to plant some seeds we had.  I was so excited to try out our new little green house, and feeling anxious for spring.  After just one week…

We have a tomato, many zinnias, radishes, shell peas, and lettuces sprouting.  One week!  I am also happy to report, we have one healthy girl.  I still touch here head sometimes because it felt like she had a fever forever!  But, she is healthy and happy and doing well.

God is so good.  It wasn’t a fun couple of weeks, but I had such peace while she was in the hospital.  It definitely takes the trials and tough times to  awaken us to His presence and comfort.  This weekend, I was blessed by an incredible women’s conference at our church where I got to pray with three women.  I then got to witness some amazing miracles through the prayer of a guest speaker at our church.  What an incredible gift to bless me with after a long, tough couple weeks.  He is ever faithful.


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