Garden Update

I’m thinking of changing my “Garden Updates” to “Gardening Woes.”  Will I ever be a gardener?  The one thing that has always done well in our yard is our peach tree.  We do nothing to it but thin them out and prune, and… voila!  A million peaches.

This year I decided to fertilize.  I don’t think that was the cause of our problem, but it is ironic that every time I try something, it seems something goes wrong.  Everything was going great this year, or so I thought, until I went out to thin some peaches yesterday.  Strangely, I found some crazy, funky, bubbling pink leaves.. and then more… and then more.  I Googled it, only to discover we have peach tree curl!

Ugh!  And, to make it worse, I read that I am too late this year to spray with a fungicide AND I probably will lose all my fruit.  Apparently, this condition comes about from an overly wet season; which is definitely what we had.   Here I thought the rain was helping!

Then there”s my apricot tree… also fertilized for the first time.  A week ago it was loaded with beautiful blossoms and bees.  Now all the blossoms are brown and falling off instead of turning into apricots.  **sniff, sniff**  I am certain there is a lesson to be learned; a beautiful metaphor for God and His creation somewhere… For tonight, I am just a little bummed!

On the bright side, my seeds LOVE their mini greenhouse.  I am nervous to transplant them into our fungus-filled soil where they will also be vulnerable to the rats.  So, I am waiting a bit longer and trying to decide what to do…

On the even brighter side, I am LOVING the time change… It means after dinner, I can do dishes and still have time to hang out outside with the family.

As wonderful as it is, I now have some bad summer fever…  Looking forward to more barbecues, evening swims, and yes, even some more gardening woes…


One thought on “Garden Update

  1. Ooooh…rats!?! I don’t think I could deal with rats in my garden. Squirrels are bad enough. Usually in the garden, what is bad for one crop is often good for another. Here’s hoping your loss of peaches will be balanced by a bumper crop of something else. Best of luck.


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