First Day of Spring

My neck is as red as a beet… a beautiful “farmer’s tan” to kick off spring!  I’m just praying all our hard work doesn’t get destroyed by the rats… (or for that matter, our cats!)

Monday we stayed home from our co-op as we all were fighting a cold.  As always, my oldest has it the worst… (coughing as I type!)  But, instead of watching videos all day, we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and some popsicles while we planted our spring garden.  As you can see in the picture above, our tiny greenhouse was more than ready to be transplanted into our garden beds.

First, I trimmed back more than half of our oregano.  It didn’t even make a dent!

When I went to buy soil, I also bought some strawberry plants, cilantro, and chives.  Everything else came from our mini green house.  I was AMAZED at all the growth we had from old expired seed packets I found in the garage.

The zinnias probably took the longest.  One little 2-inch pot produced about 50 little plants.  After all our hard work, I really hope they survive!  (I’ve already kicked one cat out this morning!)

I’m really excited about this garden season, and hope I can successfully grow more veggies this year.  If all goes well, we will have peas, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, 5 kinds of peppers, mixed salad greens, and lots of herbs.  It’s all in the ground and being watered by God as we speak.  (It’s weird to feel my sunburn as I sit here listening to the cold rain patter on our roof outside!)

On a side note, I’ve been using an organic fungicide on our peach tree, which has seemed to tame the peach curl.  The peaches are definitely growing, so I sure hope they are not just teasing me!

Happy spring, friends!

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