Nothing on the Calendar…

Not only was there rain in the forecast for today, but there was also nothing on the calendar… glorious!  Of course, as I alluded to yesterday, there is a lot to be done this time of year.  We were busy prepping for Easter, boiling eggs, making butter mint play dough, studying and testing for Memory Masters, and all the “normal” Saturday stuff like planning meals, washing bedding, doing laundry, etc.  Though it was fun, it was still a wonderful day of rest since the car sat untouched in the garage and we could move at our own pace.  I had my daughter make meatballs and we could smell the soup simmering all day.  Days like today give me a deeper understanding of why God commanded a Sabbath.  Tomorrow we start the week up again, and go full tilt; church, piano recital, AWANA, Thailand meeting, preparing for Monday’s class… but tonight, I will give it to God and sleep in peace, ever so thankful for a rainy day inside with my kiddos, fresh soup and bread, and a day with nothing on the calendar!


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