Memorial Day 2017

This year, Memorial Day meant…

Blessing the chickens with a basket full of overripe peaches because I sadly have no time to make jam this year…

Sister sewing dates and staying in jammies until noon…

Papa coming home with pastries and sea salt coffee for a glorious morning snack…

An afternoon swim despite the chilly temps because whenever Papa gets in the pool, the temperature doesn’t matter because we’re having too much fun…

Staring longingly at the apricot tree… (just a few more days now, and they should all be ripe!)

Setting up the hammock for an afternoon nap… (or more like swing time!)

Thankfully, Memorial Day did not mean worrying about our safety or freedoms, thanks to those who sacrificed to give us this carefree day.  What a privilege to dwell in this beautiful country!

Agricultural Fair 2017

Last year, our friend told us about the L.A. Agricultural Fair and how to enter our school garden into the competition.  We gave it a shot, won first place, and had fun finding our poster at the Fair.  This year we tried once again, and entered both a vegetable garden as well as a flower garden.  We got a first place and a second place, but most of all we had fun… The Ag Fair is totally free, and you get to look at all the competitions as well as the petting zoo and a fun science show, which Natalie was chosen for as a volunteer.   Best of all, we got a cash prize, which we can use for even more gardening.  (They get you that way, don’t they?  🙂 )

Garden Update

What a week it has been… I have no time to blog, (or to garden for that matter), but something in me just has to get behind my camera to see God’s beautiful creation and bounty in a new light.  Let’s start with the peaches… they’re beautiful and delicious, but several are going to waste.  I’m praying I find time to jam this week!

We have lots of cucumber flowers and several green beans.  However, our green bean bush got blown down in the wind so we’ll see how it will do now.  (Can I still prop it up?) And, our first zinnia flower:

Let’s venture to the front yard.  See that… we have our first avocados!  Will they grow?  We’ll see…

I love our magnolia trees!  Can’t wait for apricots…

Still enjoying strawberries, and our gardenia and gerberas are loving the warmer weather.

That’s the update!

Mother’s Day 2017

As a firefighter’s wife, I never know if I’ll have my husband home for Mother’s Day or not.  When the kids were younger, (and I was often exhausted or overwhelmed), I remember feeling sorry for myself when I had to go at it single.  Of course, I tried not to be.  After all, I really do know how blessed I am!  In hindsight, how incredibly selfish and silly…

Anyway, this year my husband was home and honored me with incredible meals and flowers, doing the dishes and helping with the kids, granting me the most glorious nap and a late-night movie.  It really was awesome.  The funny thing is, I no longer feel so “entitled.”  In fact, I am quite humbled and really am happy just hanging out as a family.

(But, being spoiled rotten was fun for the day!)

Mega Memory Master!

For the third year in a row for Allison and the second year in a row for Natalie, we were able to celebrate the awesome accomplishment of being a Memory Master through our classical co-op.  Because Allison was a master for every cycle, she is considered a “Mega-Master!”  Our celebration dinner happened to fall on the night before Mother’s Day, which meant we had a weekend full of good eats!  I took a terrible picture of the food, but Daniel blessed us with prime steak, bacon wrapped asparagus, grilled corn, and sautéed onions and mushrooms… And, of course, we had m&m’s in honor of the Memory Masters.  I love how Malachi insisted on having his picture taken with the “Memory Masters,” as if they were celebrities.  Too sweet!

Congratulations, Allison and Natalie!  What an amazing accomplishment!

The Chair

We were on our way to Taekwando when I spotted it…  I may have squealed with delight.  I have had my eye on a basket chair for a couple years now, but they are just so expensive.  I had checked Craigslist off and on, but still… costly!  Now here it was a random Friday, and a garage sale was just starting.  I happily took it off their hands, and we have been swinging happy since…

Lady Bugs

I’m not sure where they came from, but we have about 6 or 7 lady bugs living in our flower garden.  Unfortunately, the zinnias are still looking quite shabby.  But, I believe they have helped tremendously with our sunflowers.  We shall see!

First Peaches of the Season!

It’s time!  The peaches are starting to ripen, and within a week we will have more than we can handle.  As I mentioned in earlier posts, they are much bigger than in seasons past… and still super yummy!  I especially love that my girl who doesn’t like fruit enjoys them.  I can’t wait for fresh peach jam!  Thank you, Lord, for providing an abundance despite our early bout with peach tree curl.   (Oh, and thanks for sending Mr. praying mantis to eat the aphids and such!)

Oliver Storm and Cloud

Meet Oliver Storm and Cloud; both named by my children!

Sooo… we have bunnies!  A super sweet family was moving out of state, (to Hawaii so don’t feel bad for them), and blessed us with these two beautiful Holland Lop Ears, along with their hutch and anything else you could think of that a bunny could possibly need.  Yes, we scored!  In case you didn’t notice from the pictures, 2 of my kids are absolutely smitten and feel the need to hold bunnies every 5 minutes or so.  The other 2 love them, but aren’t quite as enchanted.  Favorite quote so far:  “Storm really likes hopping on top of Cloud.  I wonder why…”  (Remind me to have the vet double check that we have two brothers!)

Gray Day

How appropriate that our gray cat decided to photobomb my documentation of our gray day!  Indeed, it’s been dark and gray and cold the last few days… but I do love this weather!  My kids are itching for sun and swimming.  I’m savoring the last cold of the season before temps soar and I am dreaming of jeans and sweatshirts.

We spruced up our side yard a bit.  It still has a ways to go, but it feels a thousand times nicer than it did before my husband put together our new table.  We also added a mini garden box to see if our zucchini would do better on this side of the yard since we had so much trouble with it the last few years.  We’ll see!

As always, I’m anxious to finish up our side yard mini-makeover and show you pictures, but it may take a little while with all we have going on at the moment.  But, I promise to introduce you to our newest addition to the side yard… soon!