Garden Update

This post is long overdue… Every time I actually take garden pictures for an update, another more significant event comes up that takes blogging priority.  By the time I get around to wanting to do a garden update, the pictures are outdated so I need to go take more.  So goes the cycle… but alas, here is our garden update:

Tomato plants, green beans, and peas are growing well.  It’s especially fun to see how big our tomato plants we started from seed are getting!

The peach tree seems to be doing amazing.  In another week or two the peaches will be so ripe and juicy!  So much for peach tree curl… I think our organic fungicide worked!  We do have one problem.  Several peaches have rat bites.  (ew!)  Hopefully we will still have plenty for jam.

Soooo many radishes!  I gave the lucky chickens the tops.  Anyone have any good radish recipes?  They’re not my favorite, but again… because we grew them from seed and they turned out so well, they actually taste better; ha!

Cilantro and green onion are growing too tall!  That pepper plant in the back is from last year.  It was eaten down to a stick the night before our garden was to be judged.  I wrote it off as dead, but late this fall it exploded!  Looking forward to more peppers.  Basil is coming back after withering away.  I think it’s super happy to have the heat. Strawberries… galore!  The kids picked 4 tonight, and several more will be ready, soon.  I’m amazed at how quickly they turn red.

All in all… the garden is doing better than last year, and I am still learning and growing.  Success.

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