Mother’s Day 2017

As a firefighter’s wife, I never know if I’ll have my husband home for Mother’s Day or not.  When the kids were younger, (and I was often exhausted or overwhelmed), I remember feeling sorry for myself when I had to go at it single.  Of course, I tried not to be.  After all, I really do know how blessed I am!  In hindsight, how incredibly selfish and silly…

Anyway, this year my husband was home and honored me with incredible meals and flowers, doing the dishes and helping with the kids, granting me the most glorious nap and a late-night movie.  It really was awesome.  The funny thing is, I no longer feel so “entitled.”  In fact, I am quite humbled and really am happy just hanging out as a family.

(But, being spoiled rotten was fun for the day!)


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