Allison Turns 12

Though she turns 12 today, her party was about 10 days ago so we could celebrate together.  Sadly, I am in Thailand while my baby turns 12, but I’m happy we were able to celebrate before I left.  I have no doubt her daddy and siblings are spoiling her today!

Allison chose a “dog” themed party, which was a lot of fun.  It is getting a little trickier to come up with activities for these older girls, but a fun challenge, as well.  For our craft, we made dog tag necklaces…

The kids also each got colored dog paw bracelets and we played my version of steal the bacon — “steal the dog.”  (No pictures — oops!)  Then, we came back and played “Guess that dog.”  The kids worked in pairs to ask questions, eliminate characteristics, and guess which dog breed was correct.

Dinner:  hot dogs, (of course!)

After presents and cake, the kids headed outside where they made up their own games and pretend commercials.  Honestly, I think they had the most fun doing their own thing.  And, that’s ok.  After all, they are 12 now!  I am so happy my girl has such wonderful friends.

Happy birthday, Allison!  Miss you like crazy!  See you in 13 days!


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