Enjoying the Bounty

The other day I decided to take a peak at our cucumber plant, which I’ve completely ignored all summer.  I had to fight tomatoes, zinnia and sunflowers to get to it, but was pleasantly shocked/ surprised to find 5 beautiful cucumbers!  (And they tasted good!)

We are also loving zucchini, tomatoes, and bell peppers.  Isn’t that purple tomato pretty?  The solid red ones taste a little better, but the purple ones sure are gorgeous!  I remember walking past the plant at the store and thinking, “We really don’t need more tomato plants!”  But, I saw the little picture of the color and couldn’t resist.  It took me a week to plant it, in which time it almost died.  Thankfully it is thriving!

Yesterday I was able to create a salad for lunch using mostly items from our garden.  From the picture, it seems I was enjoying a wonderful home-grown salad while my kids played joyfully in the background and I skimmed a summer magazine… The reality is, I made the salad at 11am because I was hungry, but didn’t get to eat it until almost 1pm because of kid fights, an accident where my littlest cut his chin and I couldn’t take him to the urgent care because my car wouldn’t start and my husband, who was suppose to be home, was forced to work.  All this while there was loud construction going on in the background, (hence my absence from blogging!)

Life certainly isn’t a picture in a magazine.  But, I am so glad of that.  I love seeing beautiful images, but remembering the reality of the crazy broken world we live in, and smiling because our God is faithful.  I really did enjoy the salad by the time I put the little guy down and he stopped screaming.  His grace is sufficient for me!

4th of July 2017

Coming back to this little spot on the internet that I love so dearly almost feels like visiting a long lost friend… Between our recent adventure into fostering, going on our mission trip to Thailand, and losing my camera, it has been hard to find my blogging groove, again.  But, I had to take our annual 4th of July kid pics, as well as document the day.  As of yesterday, I have my camera back… hooray!  But, these pics were all taken with our “old” camera, which I don’t love.  It likes blurry pictures, or something!

Our morning started with our flag waffles and taking fun pictures.  I so wish I could show you the face of our new little guy, but I am not allowed to until we are able to adopt him.  I’m hoping to write a whole post on that, soon… stay tuned!

Our sweet friends came over in the afternoon for a swim and barbecue.  After dinner, we headed back over to their place for ice cream sundaes and fireworks since our city doesn’t allow them.

And that was our Independence Day celebration!