Here it is the night before school starts, and I’m blogging about our vacation!  Priorities.  Well, technically the kids are still awake, so I can’t exactly make their first day of school treats yet.  And, we’re waiting for the sun to go down for our final summer treat — s’more’s.  (The first of the summer, I believe — how did that happen?)

With no further ado, here was our trip to Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho.

Theme parks in Idaho are simply not the same as in California.  The sun is not as intense.  The foliage is much more lush.  The crowds are not as bad.  The price is not as high.  In general, it is actually a very pleasant experience!  We were thankful to have a kid in a stroller again to hold all our water bottles and such.

We had to laugh, as our X-man screamed bloody murder on the carousel.  Thankfully, he warmed up to the rides throughout the day; a little!

I think our favorite was this rafting ride.  We ended up riding it twice, despite getting soaked!

Natalie is my “big coaster” girl.  This ride was so fun, though I definitely feel my age these days.

On the ride home, we enjoyed a wildfire-inspired sunset.  I couldn’t believe the color of the sun.  I snapped this picture out the window.  We arrived back at the hotel exhausted, but went back the next day to enjoy the other side of the park[ the water park.  We decided not to bring along the camera, (because, water!) but it was a spectacular park and another fun day.  We decided we will be back to Silverwood before long.


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