Back to School 2017

We survived… that’s about the best I can give you!  By bedtime, the kids said they had a “fun” day… so that is what I hope they hold onto.  But, the day was not without tears and complaints; and it was only day one!

One child, in particular, was too excited to sleep.  I called it.  Last night I told my husband she would be overly tired and have a rough day, despite her excitement.  It happened.  Thankfully, she recognized it and apologized; (a couple hours into her fussing!)  Aaaah, the joys…

This starts our 8th year of homeschooling.  What a journey it’s been!  Despite the challenges… despite the messes and difficulties, I would honestly have it no other way.  There’s much good to be had, too.  We loved our morning time, both at breakfast and then around the dining room table.  We read from the Bible, had a discussion, read our new book, and talked about the upcoming year.  Then it was off for pictures!

We even squeezed in a game…

It is so tempting to dread school starting.  I was dreading it.  But, now that we have our first day under our belts, (and we are VERY slowly easing our way back in), I am starting to feel the joy and excitement.  I am also trying to be thankful for all the parts I love such as hearing music throughout the house, good reading and discussions with the kids, looking forward to the change of seasons, and truly getting more done… because if you give me a summer of freedom, I tend to relax more and accomplish nothing.  But, give me a full schedule, and my priorities get changed and I may actually get something done!  Crazy how that works…

Thank you, Jesus, for another year to pour into my children.  May they grow ever closer to You!


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