Day 10

Today marks day 10 of my husband being gone.  He is in Texas helping FEMA with the relief effort from Hurricane Harvey.  Scenes like this have been pretty common.  I wish you could see the adorable expression on his face.  It says something like, “What?”

In addition to scenes like this, we’ve had sick kids, 9 straight days of 3 digit temps, both ant and fly invasions into our home, cat vomit, and daily messes…

At the same time, we’ve had swimming dates with friends, dinners at Chick-Fil-A, school work that has gone fairly smoothly, movies, games, and great attitudes by the littles despite missing their Papa.  I can’t complain!!

The countdown is now on.  We plan on finishing this school week strong, getting the whole house cleaned up, and possibly decorating for fall before his return next weekend. #lofty goals!

We miss you, Mr. Yeh!!!


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