To Blog or Not To Blog…



First things first… Isn’t that butterfly AMAZING?  The kids spotted it in our backyard, and when I noticed it wasn’t moving I ran to grab my camera.  Apparently, I didn’t need to run; it stayed there a few hours!  Natalie was the first to notice that the backside was totally different from the top.  Then Sierra had a picture of this exact butterfly in her math book that day.  Crazy.

And now, onto the question… You see, blogging has become a lot more difficult as my children have gotten older.  We’ve had later bed times, and I have been more tired.  Then there’s my photo editor I use.  I always loved Picmonkey, but after all these years they’ve decided to charge for their service!  Finally, just as I was starting to blog a few weeks back, my computer had issues downloading pictures.  It seems all these things have made it very difficult to blog, and I’m left wondering if I should…

I still have pictures from our summer vacation… plus several from the last few weeks.  My hope is to continue on.  I love this journey of documenting the joy in our days, (as well as the trials that seem easier to handle through a camera lens!)  I love going back, and re-living the memories and praising God for His faithfulness.  I will continue to pray and post as I can.  So, I guess that is my answer.  We shall see!!!


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