Puberty Getaway

Just typing that title makes me laugh… my kids cringe whenever I use the word “puberty!”  But just like I took Allison up the mountain when she was in 6th grade last year, this year it was Natalie’s turn.  Despite the somewhat ‘heavy’ content, it is such a sweet bonding time… and lots of fun!

Our view:  not bad, eh?

Just like with Allison, we ate all of our meals al fresco.  Leaving behind 100 degree weather for temps in the 70’s was about as ideal as possible!

There is so much content in the program we use: Passport 2 Purity.  I was so thankful I had done it before, so I knew to work a bit ahead of what’s recommended the first night.  We got the “disturbing” part over with the first night so that we could sleep it off.

Hotel breakfast!

Morning fall walk: glorious!

For our afternoon activity, I bought Natalie a new Manga drawing book and clandestinely brought her markers and Microns to have a drawing date.  Unfortunately, the Microns were out of ink, so we made a little adventure out of it and found an art shop in the next town over.  I had such fun learning to draw with my girl!

Our dinner tradition: “virgin margaritas.”

Dollar Tree face masks — not what we expected, but we sure laughed!  (Surprisingly, we still had soft faces!)

2 down, 1 to go for me…

I sure loved our getaway, Naties!


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