Thanksgiving 2017

Five days after returning home from our cruise, it was Thanksgiving.  We were unsure if Daniel would be forced to work, and therefore unable to make solid plans.  But, the day before we decided that he would indeed be able to come home, and therefore invited his family and our neighbors.  We began the day with our “turkey pancakes” as we waited for Papa to get home!

As soon as he got home, Daniel prepped the turkey and threw it on the grill.  We spent the rest of the day in the kitchen together.  It was a beautiful day, 93 degrees outside!  It was our first time ever doing the entire Thanksgiving meal.  I had always been nervous to take on such a feat before, but it turned out to be surprisingly fun.  In fact, I am super excited to do it again!  We did the turkey, stuffing, ham, fresh orange rolls, cranberry sauce, green beans, and mashed potatoes, from scratch.  For dessert, we bought a Costco pie.

Naturally, we ended the night with the kids’ favorite; “Don’t Eat Tom Turkey.”

We have SO much to be thankful for!


In case you were wondering where we’ve been the past few weeks, here’s a sneak peak!  We were blessed to travel to Texas to visit friends, then on to Florida for a special Disney Cruise chartered by “Focus on the Family,” which took us to the Bahamas.  Here we are having a blast with the dolphins.  I highly recommend this excursion!  Daniel and I did a dolphin excursion a few years back, but we didn’t have nearly the freedom we did here to really play and interact with the dolphins.  It was one of many special moments.  I will attempt to document the rest of the trip amid getting back to school work and planning for holidays and birthdays!

Sierra Turns 8!

The “Party:”  There was no theme, no big party, no guests except for one.  She wanted it simple.  Her best friend was soon moving away, (sniff, sniff), so she requested a day out with her.  We went out to sushi for lunch, took her to get her ears pierced, rode the trolley car, went out to froyo for dessert, and then the two of them played.  Sierra was thrilled.  It was a beautiful day.  And, it was two weeks before her actual birthday.

On her actual birthday, she awoke to her “under the bed present.”  Downstairs we enjoyed breakfast.  Next came a trip to the park, shoe shopping, lunch at Panera, play time with just her sisters, a movie with her brothers, and finally her Papa’s homemade chicken caesar salad per her request.

Simple.  Yes.  Wonderful.  Yes.  My only regret… not enough pictures!

Happy birthday, my sweet 8 year old!

Fall Piano Recital 2017

This was our first Fall Piano Recital, and it was so much fun… our teacher has the students dress-up in costumes, decorates for Halloween, and gives more “fun” musical pieces rather than formal ones.  It was the perfect first recital for Malachi.  Now we have a little break before preparing for the spring recital!

Halloween 2017

A few days ago I was kicking myself for getting a shark costume for V-man.  It’ll be way too hot!  Then Halloween came… a gloriously gloomy day!  Oh, how adorable was he with his little tail wagging…

We were blessed to have friends and Grandma join us in our festivities!

Pumpkin carving: Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  (I had to buy mini baking pumpkins because that’s all they had left!  At least I saved some money!)

Traditional Halloween dinner:  Sloppy Joe’s, orange jello, veggies, rootbeer

Trick-or-Treat time!  X-man LOVED the treat part!

L-R:  Ghost buster, shark, butterfly, cat, ghost

Sorting candy is always a favorite.  There’s always more than I know what to do with!!!

Another fun Halloween…