Sierra Turns 8!

The “Party:”  There was no theme, no big party, no guests except for one.  She wanted it simple.  Her best friend was soon moving away, (sniff, sniff), so she requested a day out with her.  We went out to sushi for lunch, took her to get her ears pierced, rode the trolley car, went out to froyo for dessert, and then the two of them played.  Sierra was thrilled.  It was a beautiful day.  And, it was two weeks before her actual birthday.

On her actual birthday, she awoke to her “under the bed present.”  Downstairs we enjoyed breakfast.  Next came a trip to the park, shoe shopping, lunch at Panera, play time with just her sisters, a movie with her brothers, and finally her Papa’s homemade chicken caesar salad per her request.

Simple.  Yes.  Wonderful.  Yes.  My only regret… not enough pictures!

Happy birthday, my sweet 8 year old!


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