Our 2nd grader reading Pete the Cat to Angel the cat.

I’ve said it before, and it still rings true… I love to blog about our “special times.”  I can’t wait to document our last trip, Thanksgiving, and the upcoming birthday parties.  (Let’s hope I find time!)  But, my most favorite blog posts are the simple ones.  Life as it is everyday.  My girl reading to our cat.

We’ve had a rough couple nights.  Last night, a kid burst into our room and no sooner told us she didn’t feel well before her dinner was everywhere.  (Seriously; everywhere!) The night before, we were abruptly shocked awake when our whole smoke alarm system went off at 3am.  (Malfunction — praise God!)

We’ve also had some sweet times.  My husband is home for 5 days!  We went to see The Star, decorated for Christmas, and have enjoyed beautiful weather and each other’s company.

The good.  The bad.  The tough.  The sweet.  I’ll take it all with this sweet bunch I get to call family!  Praising God for the simple; for the every day!


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