Malachi Turns 6!

When planning a party in Southern California, one can never be sure of the weather in December.  Turns out our outdoor army party was just right for an 80 degree day in December!  What a gift and blessing for my little soldier who turned 6!

We began with lunch… our local Chinese restaurant seems to be a favorite for our kids’ birthdays!

After lunch, boot camp began.  First up was the tug-of-war!

Next, the water grenade toss!  (I’m still not sure how my husband managed to fill all 100 up this morning, but I am so grateful for his miraculous ways!)

Finally, the guns were passed out along with the ammo — marshmallows.  Daniel made each kid his own marshmallow shooter.  I definitely married the right guy!

The kids knocked down targets, then just had fun shooting wherever.  (Marshmallows everywhere!)

The kids played in the bounce house obstacle course any free minute they got.  Originally, I had wanted to make up my own obstacle course, but in the end I am so glad we went with this.  All kids love bounce houses!

Cake and present time:

Happy birthday, my sweet 6 year old!


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