Natalie’s Reindeer Games

My Natalie turned 11!

To celebrate, she requested a “reindeer theme,” which I quickly turned into a “Reindeer Games” party. Thankfully, I was able to find a whole set of free printable online to get me started!

Natalie’s favorite food is potatoes, so our main course was a baked potato bar.  The catch?  Their was a prize for cutest reindeer head potato.

We only had one craft for kids to work on while waiting for everyone to arrive; deer ornaments.

After lunch, we let the games begin!  When each person arrived, they were given a piece of string tied around their wrist, either red or blue, which determined what team they were on.  All of our games were team games with blue (Team Donner) vs. Red (team Blitzen).  We didn’t get pictures of all the games, but here is a sampling:

Game 1:  Rudolph’s Red nose roll… a relay blowing a red pom pom.

Game 2:  Drop the Deer.  First team to successfully hang a candy cane deer on the top wins!  (It took some time!)

Game 3:  Roll a Reindeer  Teams lined up.  One person at a tim would roll, and draw the corresponding reindeer head part.  First team to complete the reindeer head won.

Game 4:  Reindeer Race  Candy cane reindeer on a string  — First team to have all players send the candy cane reindeer back and forth without falling won.

Game 5:   Wrap a Reindeer  Team with coolest reindeer won.

Game 6:  Build a Barn  Most awesome reindeer barn, constructed of toothpicks and marshmallows, won.

Game 7:  Blow a Bubble.  Teams each chose a representative to blow the biggest bubble using Rudolph’s nose as gum.  Largest bubble won!

Other games not pictured… Reindeer Races, where each team had a red pom pom and some vaseline and had to race to put their nose on the reindeer.  Reindeer Mad Libs; self-explanatory.

After leading the games and taking pictures, I sat down for a piece of cake and a cup of coffee only to discover it was time to open presents.  As I searched for my camera, I discovered my oldest had taken it and offered to do the pictures for me.  Uh… yes, PLEASE!  I returned to my friends, coffee, and cake, and the kids took over.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Natalie!!


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