Random Thoughts

  • It’s the day before Christmas, (our Christmas Eve celebration, at least), and I feel like I should be stressed out.  December was crazy.  Sickness.  Winds.  Fires.  Birthday parties x 2.  I was later than ever getting out Christmas cards.  Later than ever in buying and wrapping presents.  Yet, here I am blogging.  And, I feel peace.  It is inexplicable, except to say that Jesus is real and His peace passes all understanding.
  • Our gathering is small this year.  Just the grandparents and our family.  We will celebrate tomorrow since Daniel got forced to work Christmas day.  I’m not sad or disappointed.  Again, I feel peace.  The quiet I’ve yearned for the past few months is here.
  • The winds blew in the small branch  above, and I took that picture just as I found it.  It looks like a little unplanned Christmas decor.
  • As always this time of year, my head is swirling.  A new year means new possibilities, new adventures, new starts… What do you have in store, God?  My goal is to ask Him that question more, and to think of my own plans less…
  • I can hardly wait to belt out Christmas praises tomorrow.  Yummy food,  Cozy family time.  Then, I can’t wait to put away Christmas and play games with my kids.

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