14 Years!

Having big kids is so lovely!  On Wednesday, we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.  It was a busy day filled with kids activities, but we managed to squeeze in a poke bowl lunch date, and then headed to our favorite coffee spot, 85 Degrees.  The weather was beautiful, and the time with just us while my oldest babysat the rest was special.  What was even more fun was to come home to this lovely almond cake our kids worked on while we were gone!  It was so delicious.  The mess was… pretty spectacular, but the love behind the mess made my day!

The evening was spent at running club, and then we all got cozy on the couch and watched our wedding dvd before heading to bed.  Happy anniversary, to the one who still makes my heart flutter!  I am so thankful for the life God has enabled us to have together!

New Year’s Eve 2017/ New Year’s Day 2018

We had plans for both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day this year… but both got cancelled due to illness.  It seems to be a bad year for the flu, so we are vey thankful to be well over here!  In fact, a small part of me was rejoicing that it was going to be just our family.

Tried out the bread machine… followed instructions exactly except for warming up the milk.  I think I need to warm up the milk!  At least the kids thought it tasted good.

Daniel came home from 4 days at work, and treated us to one of his feasts.  Sushi, tempura, sashimi, poke bowls, miso soup… then out to Yogurtland for dessert!

We did our traditional New Year’s Eve puzzle and played games.  (Thanks for the puzzle, Grandma!)  We told the kids they could stay up until midnight.  The big girls actually did!

Puppet shows… walks… haircuts… projects… food and more food… Family time!

Feeling blessed and refreshed by our quiet family time.  Also extremely grateful that we have another week to ease back into school.    I pray you feel excited at the prospect of a new year — a new start, and a fresh beginning!  As you seek God, remember to thank him for prayers answered as well as unanswered prayer, and keep seeking Him!  (Talking to myself!)