Valentine/ Birthday Celebrations

Our Valentine/ birthday celebration took place over the 13th and the 14th.  We thought we would start to celebrate the 13th because we had so many activities the 14th… Turns out all the activities were cancelled due to sickness!

And sick children meant  smaller appetites, but Daniel and I more than made up for it!  He blessed us with crab cakes, clam chowder, and fresh bruschetta along with dessert from my favorite bakery, 85 Degrees!

The next morning, the kids dug through their Valentine bags with their most special cards coming from their Papa.  Meanwhile, Daniel made his famous quiche and fruit salad.

Dinner was Uh-mazing!  Filet Mignon, Creamed Spinach, roasted potatoes, and individual lava cakes for dessert.  I seriously think I gained a few pounds in 2 days!

As you can see, we mostly took pictures of food!  The poor sickies were mostly in their jammies and on the couch with blankets.

Thank you for yet another amazing birthday/ Valentine celebration, my Love!  Praying you get better quickly!!!

Chinese New Year

It didn’t look like we expected…

Chinese Take-out

Leftover wine from Valentine’s Day

Cute “Year of the Dog” plates from my sweet friend that we didn’t think we were going to be able to use…

And 5 out of 7 family members feeling miserable from the flu!

No, this was not what we were expecting.  We were suppose to be on vacation.  We were so looking forward to our trip and celebrating the marriage of our missionary friend.  Bags were packed.  Reservations were made.  Tickets were purchased.  But alas, the flu got the best of us…

Daniel and I tried to be positive… at least we would get lots of projects done and our home organized!  Then he got sick.  Poor guy.  Yet here I am!  I honestly feel great.  I deep cleaned the kids rooms, vacuuming under beds, washing sheets, and spraying Lysol everywhere.  I organized our laundry room.  I am working on organizing my office; all while saying, “Yes” to far too many videos for the kids, getting medicine and water every hour it seems, and enjoying my free Starbucks birthday drink and leftover cake.  All-in-all not too bad.  But, we will certainly be thankful when this nasty bug leaves our house and the kids can finally sleep in peace without coughing all night!

Not Just Blossoms…


Every year I am amazed at how early our peach tree blossoms.  But, this year… Early February and our tree is loaded with peaches!!  Many of them are larger than golf balls!  The crazy warm weather we’ve had seems to have confused our tree.  I wouldn’t mind, except that cold weather is coming.  What will happen to our lovely peaches?  To be continued…

Backyard Skate Park

This week we are redoing our pool surface and equipment.  We’ve debated doing this since moving in, but waited due to cost and other factors.  Sometimes it’s hard to wait… we live in such a NOW culture!  But, there are many blessings that come in waiting.  God loves to show himself faithful.  That’s a whole different post, but I am just feeling so grateful for God’s unexpected provision!

I wish I could show you the videos… the kids spent most of their free time this week out in our emptied pool/ skate park.

Malachi:  “If I ever live in a house that has 2 pools, I will empty one and make it a skate park.”

The pool is now jack hammered and awaiting it’s new surface, so our skate park is no more.  But, this fun little childhood memory will linger on!

A Little Art… and A Little Prayer…

We’ve been in a bit of a rut, lately.  I’m afraid my younger kids think school means “Hurry up and get this workbook done so I can play!”  Oh, that is not how I want it!!  Of course, we have our morning times, which are awesome… but after that, I have been SO uncreative!  Scenes like the ones above used to happen almost daily when my older two were their age.  But, now… Ah, seasons! I am learning that things for my younger kids will indeed look different; and that is ok.  We adjust as needed, and each year looks different.  Right now I am praying about all sorts of things.  Though it’s tough to not be exactly where I want to be or even think I ought to be, it is also strangely comforting to recognize that we’re not in control, but we have a loving God who is!  Once again, Lord, I need you to show me how to best school my kids!  And, I am so thankful that each day is a new day and I don’t even have to wait until next year to change things up; I can start now!