A Little Art… and A Little Prayer…

We’ve been in a bit of a rut, lately.  I’m afraid my younger kids think school means “Hurry up and get this workbook done so I can play!”  Oh, that is not how I want it!!  Of course, we have our morning times, which are awesome… but after that, I have been SO uncreative!  Scenes like the ones above used to happen almost daily when my older two were their age.  But, now… Ah, seasons! I am learning that things for my younger kids will indeed look different; and that is ok.  We adjust as needed, and each year looks different.  Right now I am praying about all sorts of things.  Though it’s tough to not be exactly where I want to be or even think I ought to be, it is also strangely comforting to recognize that we’re not in control, but we have a loving God who is!  Once again, Lord, I need you to show me how to best school my kids!  And, I am so thankful that each day is a new day and I don’t even have to wait until next year to change things up; I can start now!


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