My Board

Well… it seems that everyone has one of these letter boards these days…

And although I don’t have an Instagram account where I can post pictures of my clever sayings, I admit; I have thought for quite some time now how much fun I would have with one.  And then!?  My sweet friend got me one for my birthday. Aww…

My kids didn’t even “get” my first post to THE BOARD, But, they were quick to change it out.  Natalie had the first go, and decided to do the Bible verse we are currently memorizing.  Good choice, Nat!

And, after wanting to do this for some time, we fINALLY got around to rearranging our office.  It feels so awesome in here!  More desk space and a few new shelves; what a difference!  (Of course, I still can’t show you Daniel’s side of the desk, but I’ll give him a little grace… after all, he does keep track of all the paper work for me!)

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