St. Patrick’s Day 2018

Once upon a time, I was very aware of every upcoming holiday — whether it was big or small, we celebrated; sometimes big, and sometimes small.  This year, I awoke on St. Patrick’s Day with a panic.  Yes, I had already bought the Lucky Charms — but I was suppose to make the green milk and decorate the night before, plus I still had our Irish soda bread muffins to make.  Thankfully, older kids and the time change allowed me to get it all done before they woke up, and the kids won’t even know I almost forgot until they read this!

Ironically, I feel like I was more creative when the kids were little and I was running on little sleep.  Even as I stare at this screen now, I am amazed at how big my kids are getting and how fast time is going.  There may in fact come a day when I forget completely, (but I pray I don’t!)  For now, I am so thankful for every day — every celebration with my kiddos.  Yes, these holidays and traditions make me take out my camera, but they are also a reminder to celebrate the goodness in every day!

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