Easter 2018

I didn’t capture many pictures this year… We had taken the kids to church the night before so that Daniel and I could both serve at the first service while the kids slept-in.  By the time we got home from church, the kids were up, baskets were torn through, and the Easter bread was eaten!  Kids were excited to see us and tell us all about it, which was what we had wanted; but we have no pictures of it.  Daniel made a quick brunch, and then we went searching for eggs…

After the egg hunt, the kids tried on their new swimsuits while we dyed eggs.  Next they went swimming, as it was a gorgeous day and Daniel heated up the pool.  Meanwhile, I found myself drifting off into dreamland, despite having my windows open and hearing the delightful squeals the kids made during their first swim of the season.

Before dinner, Daniel did an object lesson about Jesus, the light of the world, who died for our sins.  It was pretty cool.  We did Chinese hotpot, and the kids each got a special marble soda.  After dinner, we took a family walk to the horse stables before getting cozy for bed.  It couldn’t have been a more peaceful, blessed Easter.


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