Daniel’s Birthday!

Daniel chose a pretty crazy week to have his birthday this year!  This week included: state testing, memory master testing, Taekwando testing, garden judging, a piano recital, a Sunday school meeting, buying a new car, dinner for a friend who had a baby, two other birthdays, dog-sitting,  a shift trade, an overtime, him teaching a Chinese class, and right smack on his birthday a promotional job interview… all while doing “regular life,” as well!  We’re all running on fumes and counting down until summer, but we had a nice day celebrating our wonderful “Papa!”  He made us all delicious beer batter fish tacos from scratch, and we made him a toasted coconut cake from scratch.  I’d say it was a pretty good deal on my part!  Since Daniel was gone most of the morning for his interview, we didn’t plan any big activities.  Instead, after the yummy dinner and cake, we put our oldest in charge of babysitting and putting all the kids to bed, locked our door, and had a room date.

Happy birthday, to my favorite man on the planet!


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