Saying Yes

There are so many “magical” things about summer — gardens growing, evening swims, and of course dinner alfresco.  I had a realization this week as we seemed to slow down and ease our way into this season.  My son and I had walked to the mailbox, and as we entered the garage, he asked if we could play ball.  My gut-reaction was “No.”  I had planned on making dinner as soon as we returned.  Then it occurred to me — we were on break!  Dinner could be a little later, and 20 minutes of ball time was no big deal.  In fact, we had a lot of fun!   Of course, I probably could say yes during other seasons as well.  But, it is so nice to say yes without the stress!

(p.s.  Our garden is growing quite nicely!)

Peach Jammin’

I’m so happy that despite a record number of rat and bird pecks, we can still claim an abundant harvest of peaches from our very generous little tree.  We have already gone through 3 jars of peach jam, and enjoyed everything from peach toast to waffles to crepes to peach oatmeal!  After missing out on peaches last year due to our foster baby and getting ready for Thailand, I am more determined than ever to enjoy as much of this year’s harvest as possible.  Round one of jamming is complete, with a dozen jars.  (And, this year I had several little helpers, which was fun!)  Round 2 is up next with 15 more jars to fill…

Memorial Day 2018

It was a simple, sweet Memorial Day.  I had my husband home, and he grilled the best ribs I have ever tasted.  He also made a wonderful cole slaw using homegrown cabbage from my Father-in-law.  I contributed a strawberry pie for dessert.  After dinner, we lingered outside and played while waiting for friends who came to spend the night.  When we spend the day in the pool, eating in our backyard is nice because there is sun. But, when we don’t want the sun, the side yard is just perfect.  I foresee many more evening meals there this summer!

Mega Memory Master

It was time to break out the m&m banner; (only I couldn’t find it, so I had to make another one!)  We have a second Mega Memory Master in our house!  Here she is:

And here she is with her brother:

And here she is with her brothers:

And here she is with her brothers and sister:

And here she is with her brothers and sisters:

Lucky girl!  They all wanted a picture with the Mega Memory Master.  For her special dinner, she requested parmesan, pepperoni, and olive pizza.  (That’s my girl!)

And in case you are wondering, they are doing an “m” and “m” for Memory Master!  Congratulations, Natalie!  We are proud of all your hard work.

Ag Fair Day 2018

For the third year in a row, we participated in the Agricultural Fair by entering our garden.  Not only does it encourage us to start our garden, but we also make a journal and pasteboard — and then there’s the prize money, which pays for our garden and then some.  This year we got a late start, but still managed a second and third place for our vegetable and flower gardens.

The fair is mostly the same, but they did have real sharks the kids could look at (above) that were new this year.  And, the petting zoo is always a favorite…

Last year we went with our friends to a nearby park that the kids loved.  This year we went again, and are hoping to start a “tradition!”

Check out the beautiful blue bird we saw under the huge oak tree.

And, look at the cool treasure we found; a bee hive!!  As always, my hopes and dreams for next year’s garden are big!

Taekwando in the Park

It’s hard for me to believe the kids have been doing Taekwando of a year and a half, already.  Each spring they have a test in the park followed by a barbecue.  This year only Sierra was testing, but the rest of us got to enjoy being spectators, (and, of course, lunch!)  I am especially glad that my husband is able to help out, or my kids would still be white belts.  Somehow I missed the whole “parenting kids who are in Taekwando gene.”

Great Wolf Lodge 2018

It seemed like all around us there was sickness this fall… but we escaped!  As winter rolled around, we were still among the lucky few who hadn’t succumb to the flu bug.  Sadly, just before our planned trip to Portland and Seattle, we were finally hit.  Everyone of us was disappointed, yet thankful that we were at home and not on our trip when it hit.  To make it up to the kids, we promised to plan a special getaway once everyone was better.  Finally, we decided on Great Wolf Lodge… and it didn’t disappoint!

How wonderful for a whitey like me to be at a water park and not worry about sunscreen or shade.  How awesome to be able to plan and not worry about weather.  How fun for the kids to have freedom to wander about and meet back up.  It was such a fun place, and we had a super time.  Even little X-man bravely went down some “bigger” waterslides and loved it.  Over. And. Over.

The rooms are fun.  There are great places to eat within walking distance.  We were blessed with a fabulous getaway!

Mother’s Day 2018

My kids and me:  Oh, how I can’t wait to leave little guy’s face uncovered!  I am so blessed to be a mommy!

Fruit and french toast before church.

For Mother’s Day this year, I wanted to do something a little different.  I wanted one-on-one time with each kid.  X-man and I went outside and played kick ball.  Sierra and I read Little House on the Prairie and then looked through magazines in her room.  Malachi and I played Wii together.  Allison and I wrote her English final paper while sipping tea.  And, Natalie and I had a watercolor date.  It was so much fun that I think I will have to have the same request every Mother’s Day.  Meanwhile, my husband was hard at work in the kitchen…

Dinner; garlic lobster, filet mignon, cauliflower mash, and on choy… with homemade chocolate lava cakes for dessert!

My heart is so grateful to not only be mom to my four, but also foster mom to one.  Throughout the day, my heart ached for his birth mom.  How did she feel this day?  I prayed for her in my heart, as well as thanking God for the gift that little X-man is to our family.  I am forever grateful for this lady who chose to give life to the boy we didn’t even know existed last Mother’s Day, but have come to love like our own.

Garden Update

The garden is coming along!  I have to laugh when I think how puny it was when our garden judges arrived.  (Hoping our poster and journal made up for a beginning garden!)

As usual, it is hot and sunny one day and cold and rainy the next.  Spring.  And, as usual, we already have some prematurely browning leaves.  I sure wish I knew how to garden a little better.  But, I will continue to try and continue to garden because it really is so worth it.