Doll Spa (Boredom Buster 5!)

The magazine girl did her spa outside, so we set ours up outside…

The magazine girl was licking a popsicle, so we ate popsicles…

The doll in the magazine had medium-length hair, so we cut the doll’s hair to be medium-length…

Yes, it was a bit silly to make it look just like the magazine.  But, I’ll admit it was fun, too!  When this girl gets an idea in her head, she runs with it.  Sometimes it can be frustrating because if things don’t turn out exactly like the magazine, or exactly as she pictured it, then sadness and drama rob her of her joy.  (When she was younger, we went through endless amounts of paper when she would attempt to draw a picture and it didn’t look exactly like the one she was copying!)

Here’s what I do love, though… Rather than beg for a doll or clothes that she doesn’t have, we did our best to make do with what we did have.  So the doll’s hair won’t grow back… so what!  Sierra was so happy with the new look, (and we did cut off lots of tangles), that she played with this doll literally ALL day!

A long time ago, I sat in a Barnes and Noble with a friend, looking through clearance books and sipping our Starbuck’s.  (Those were fun days!)  I came across a book about Organized Living.  There was one particular line that really caught my attention, and has stuck with me ever since.  It said something along the lines of not wishing you had more space, but opening your eyes to your space and trying to see it in a new light.  Look vertically for more space, or think of things in creative, unconventional ways.  It was referring simply to organizing, but it opened my eyes and mind in a whole new way.

It’s like the line from one of my kid’s preschool shows that I sing to them all the time; “Be happy with what you have… happy with what you have… Just take it from Tucky.  You really are lucky!  Happy… so happy… with what you have!”

Instead of always wishing for more… bigger… better…  Look at what you have in a new light.  Be thankful for the doll you do have.  Be creative with her clothes and create your own version of a swimsuit.  (She pinned one of her own suits for the doll and I didn’t even realize it!)

We don’t need more.. newer… better… exactly like the magazine, or Pinterest, or this person.  DIdn’t God even give us a commandment about not coveting?  What we need is grateful eyes, hearts, and minds.  Thank you God, for who you are and al that you’ve done!


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