Literature Soiree (Girl’s Road Trip)

One thing I know… if you are blessed enough to have a husband who encourages you to take a road trip with a girlfriend… aaannnddd…. if you are blessed enough to have a wonderful girlfriend who enjoys thrift shops, yummy food, spontaneous trips to Homegoods, and staying half the night talking because; (No kids!) … aaaannnddd… if you hear of a homeschool literature soiree located in gorgeous central California and includes the most wonderful coffee, speakers, and scenery… wwweelllll… you NEED to do it.

From the moment we left it was all about the food… so our lunch stop had to be poke bowls!  We may have pinched ourselves a few times, as nobody complained about not going to McDonalds or needing to stop for the bathroom.

Our first stop once we arrived?  The local thrift store, of course!  Not only was it adorable, but it also supports classical homeschoolers.  Very cool.  We also found a gum wall, strolled the entire downtown, visited the Madonna Inn, and ate the most yummy burger for dinner that may have included chardonnay soaked onions.

After dinner, the first part of the soiree began… a coffee shop meet and greet.  There we met the 2 ladies who were to host the soiree.  They were so lovely!  And I want to move in to the coffee shop.  For reals.

We found an awesome restaurant, “The Breakfast Buzz” for breakfast, and then hit the coffee shop one more time before going to the soiree.  (I just love saying soiree… it makes me feel like Fancy Nancy!)

The soiree was at the lovely Monday Club in San Luis Obispo.  I took lots of notes, bought some books, laughed, cried, met lots of precious homeschool mamas, and throughly enjoyed every minute.  They even had the best food truck for lunch!  We have decided this must be an annual tradition.  Can’t wait for next year!

And THANK YOU to our husbands who braved taking 8 kids to the Santa Barbara Zoo and endured car sickness and potty training accidents.  We are forever grateful.  After our Saturday session ended, we headed back down to Santa Barbara to meet up with our husbands and kids and spend one more night.  II’ll post pictures of our time together at the beach next…


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