Monday.  I had big plans for you, today.

 This week I have one less kid in the house, as she is at a summer day camp all week.  That means I have 2 young boys to keep each other entertained, and 2 big girls to keep each other entertained all while I ORGANIZE.  (In theory, of course!)

First there was the dropping off business.  Apparently, everyone has the last name Sm – Z because it took forever, while all the other lines were pretty much empty.  Then I ran into old friends, which is always a blessing… time just flew by and my poor kiddos were waiting at home!  So, I stopped for smoothies to surprise them.  After all, they are BOGO on Mondays this summer and right on the way home.  I think everyone else had the same idea, because that also took forever!  And then, I accidentally dropped one.  Ugh.

I came home with lots of motivation and started 3 organization projects today.  Perhaps I should have stuck with just one and actually finished it.  I am now staring at big messes around the house and wondering what to do next.

Of course, that put me in a dismal mood, (thanks a lot, Monday!) so I decided I ought to go outside and take pictures of my lovely sunflowers.  It worked.  I think I’m ready to go finish one of my projects.  (With a big ice tea in hand, naturally!)

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!


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