Ready… Set… Jump!

The heat this summer has been brutal!  We lost one chicken to heat stroke, and our poor avocado tree burned up.  (Some of the branches and all the beautiful avocados literally turned black and shriveled up!)  Temps soared as high as 116!

And yet… I am still loving all the friends, pool time, afternoon iced coffee, morning jogs before it’s too hot, lack of a schedule, trips to the beach, and more friends…

This week I have begun the planning stages for school starting.  I know in a few weeks I will be needing more of a schedule and routine.  My heart will skip a beat when I walk into the stores and see back to school supplies and fall decor; it always does!  And, when I actually get to the fun part of planning… you know, the creative stuff and the field trips… then I may be a bit more excited.  Right now it’s the brutal organization that is killing me.

So… for now I will enjoy all the swimming dates and ice cream sandwich eating days in between some organization and planning that will help my school year go a lot smoother!  Ready… Set… Jump!


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