Her Country.

She’s the first one to be able to do her own hair bun… the first to do the splits, and the first to do a cartwheel… the only one who can whistle, and the only one who can blow a bubble!

I could write a post like this on each one of my kids.  They each have their own unique, special, God-given abilities and talents that the others don’t possess.  I love how different they are… and how similar, too!  It is such a gift to study each of my kids.

Recently, I got around to playing “The Flag Page” game with each of my kids.  Basically, the game has kids sort cards into 3 piles according to “Always me,” “Sometimes me,” and “Never me.”  From there, each kid narrows the cards down some more, and then is given one of 4 “Countries” that represent them.  It is almost like a personality test, but with a book that goes with it to explain the goods and bads of each country.

I bought the game with this kid in mind, and it has given me much insight into her thought process.  I am so grateful for how it has improved my understanding of her, and I am thoughtfully re-reading each country to learn more about each of my kids.  Wouldn’t you know they all landed in different places?

It was expensive.. yes… but in the words of my husband, “It’s cheaper than counseling.”  Not to mention, it is a bonding experience and helps them learn about themselves, too. If you’re interested, you can buy it here.


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