Snippets of Summer

That time the two of them actually got along for ten minutes and had a drawing date… (or was it 5 minutes?)

Slime making.  ALL.  SUMMER.  LONG. for the girl in the flamingo shirt!

Cool dudes chilling on my bed… because, after all, Mom loves making her bed 20 times a day!  (In all honesty, I don’t mind so much because we really do have a lot of fun games that they will remember their whole lives right there on my bed!)

Forts make everything more fun.

This girl making “lids” for all of our water jars in our favorite colors.  Guess whose she is making now?

Where is my Natalie?  Probably in the pool, drawing, or writing her story.  Having big kids is so different!

And those are some of the every day memories of summer 2018…

(A.K.A.  All the random pictures I took and just found sitting in my photos!)


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