Horse Camp

Desert… for as far as we could see.  Specifically, the Mohave Desert.  Yup.  Not exactly what you think of when you think of dropping your kids off at camp for the first time.  And then… we got there…

Yes, it was hot… but the cabins were air conditioned, there was plenty of shade, and this place was amazing.  It must have been the Holy Spirit’s presence, because there was such a peace and excitement!  I could tell the kids were going to have a blast.  Riding horses every day, tons of games, activities  and crafts, campfires, cool counselors, Bible teachings, and this: a 50 foot waterslide into the lake!

It’s only been about 36 hours since I said goodbye, yet I am missing them like crazy.  The dynamics over here are certainly different and I plan to blog more about that in another post.  I know this is so good for them.  I know they are having a wonderful time.  I know I can’t wait until Saturday to hug their little necks and kiss their dirty heads!


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