Saying Yes

I have said “yes” far too much this week.  Yes, we can go out to lunch.  Yes, you can have more screen time.  Yes, you can watch a movie.

Sometimes it’s just easier.  Sometimes I don’t have it in me to get down the play dough toys or hop in the pool with the kids.  (Of course, I did both those things and more this week.)  But, I also said yes to unhealthy choices WAY more often than I usually do.

Perhaps it’s because school is around the corner.  Perhaps it’s a treat since they’re stuck at home while the sisters are away at camp.  Perhaps it’s a chance for me to get some work done while they are happily distracted.  Yes, I think it must be the latter…

Hopefully, they will fondly remember the week  that I said yes.  Hopefully, they will not turn into screen time whiners and fuss when next week I actually say “no” and make them “play outside!”  Honestly, I may have my work cut out for me.  For now, I need to sign off and go get something done while they’re enjoying (yet another) movie!


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