Halloween 2018

It may have been Halloween, but we still had some school to get done!  Thankfully, Grandma was here to listen to Halloween books!

Lunch:  Orange “pumpkin” pinwheels.  (I love how Sierra loves taking pictures of her food creations!)

And, our traditional sloppy joes dinner with pumpkin jello and “special drinks.”

The kids always love coming up with their own special costumes, but I especially love their choices this year.  First up — Allison, aka “Tar Woman,” (from a book… of course!)

Malachi:  aka U.S. Army Tank Driver

Xavy: aka Baby Shark for the second year in a row!  (Still just as cute!)

Sierra: aka “Pumpkin Girl”  I love how she came up with the entire costume idea herself.  That hair is the best!

Oh, Natalie!  You are so incredibly talented.  She decided to be a raccoon, designed her own shirt, and came up with pom pom ears and her own face paint.  Love it, girl!!

Who needs a costume, when your eyes automatically make you look scary?  (I don’t know what’s up with my eyes, but at least the look “works” for Halloween!)  Besides… nobody is looking at us, but at that gorgeous sky God painted for us!!

And our favorite.. candy sorting and taste testing!  Looking forward to the candy experimenting tomorrow!

Happy Halloween!


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