Tea Party Time!

Tea Party for Three!

My sweet sandwich maker.

Crafting hair bands, barrettes, and Christmas ornaments.


Ice Cream Sundaes.

Eating Sugar Cubes… because you’re only nine once!

I should have picked it up at her third birthday when she wouldn’t let anyone sing to her and went to hide in her room.  This girl does NOT like to be the center of attention! Still, she loves her friends and wants to celebrate her birthday.  So, she decided an intimate  party with just 2 close friends was the way to go.  Last year it was just one close friend, so perhaps she is coming out of her shell a bit.

I must say, the intimacy was so sweet and special.  These girls laughed, played, climbed trees, and crafted quite a bit!  Sierra wanted to go to Claire’s with them at the mall to pick out their own goody bag contents.  First, we stopped at Bath and Bodyworks and tried out ALL the candles and sprays.  They were adorable!  At Claires, we tried all the earrings and necklaces and laughed our way through the mall then back home.

I’m so grateful for these sweet girls my daughter calls friend!


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