Mission San Juan Capistrano

It was one of those early morning adventures… we had to be out of the house by 6:30am.  It sounds funny, but I absolutely LOVE early morning adventures… showering in the dark, baking fresh muffins for the road, loading some sleepyheads in the car with my hot cup of coffee-to-go, and turning up the praise music as we hit the road!  Of course, we hit traffic, but had left early enough to make it to the Anaheim train station with enough time to purchase a second cup of coffee!

The kids were thrilled to take the train, and had some fun bonding time with new friends from our new homeschool group!

Of course, there are definite drawbacks to early morning field trips.  Just getting them to look at me for this picture was no small task!  Once inside the mission, we split off into 3 groups, and had the most awesome tour.  This place is stunning!  And oh, the history…

(above) My group was the “boys group.”  These brothers were learning to make adobe bricks by placing their hands on each other’s shoulders and stomping in a circle! (below) The chapel is the oldest functioning chapel in the U.S.  It is often closed for services, so we were blessed to get to see it.

The “Sacred Garden.”  Our docent told us this is the thorn bush used to make Jesus’ crown of thorns.  If she is correct, I can’t even imagine…

The coy pond was spectacular!!  A definite favorite of the kids…  And, can you spot the lizard below?  Malachi posted it out to me, and I kept asking, “Where?”

After the tour, the kids got to sit in for more history and then an adobe brick making session as a final activity.

At the end we were blessed to have Papa finish workably and meet us at the tour.  The kids then got to show off what they learned and gave him a tour.  WE enjoyed some froyo and play at the park before taking the train back.  It was a long, but wonderful day!

If you get the chance to go, be sure to check out Song of the Swallows, and Jesse Benton Fremont before going.  I am sure there are several other California history mission books, but those are the 2 we had for this year!


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