Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving was a smaller, quieter affair this year with just the 7 of us plus Daniel’s cousin.  It fit our theme of “rest” we have experienced this school year, which has been so wonderful.  (Thankfully, with 7 of us nothing is ever that quiet!) We kept with our “turkey and bacon pancakes,” for breakfast, and this year I added a special present to each of us; matching(ish) Christmas jammies.

Because it was so relaxed, I was able to sip an extra cup of coffee with my teenager while she sipped some apple cider.  I love having big kids!!

A simple lunch, and then dinner prep… For the second year in a row, we made all the goodies!  I even decided to make mini pies.  They looked a little dark, but tasted wonderful.  (phew!)

We ate.  We played Tom Turkey and other games.  We watched a movie in our Christmas pajamas.  We went to sleep with renewed gratitude for the gift of family and a family who knows Jesus!


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