Home for the Holidays

As I mentioned earlier, the day after Thanksgiving we headed to Forest Home for a weekend at camp titled, “Home for the Holidays.”  After digging through our “snow stuff,” I was relieved to find jackets, hats, and scarves for all the kiddos!  We packed up the van and hit the road with joy!

This was the scene just seconds out of the car.  It also happens to be the view from our cabin door.  Spectacular!

First activity: Ornament decorating

Discovering the “gym.”

Exploring the beauty down by the Santa Ana River, and loving the frosty chill that is a treat for us in Southern California!

The next morning…

Gingerbread cookie decorating!!

Free time spent in the craft cabin…

And then off to Canyon Park for high ropes, a zip line, a giant swing, and more beauty by the river…

Just the beauty of being away in God’s creation is enough to refresh the soul.  But, we were also blessed with wonderful worship and speakers who encouraged us and brought us right into the presence of God.  His presence renewed and strengthened my soul, and has me all kinds of excited about welcoming in this Christmas season!


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