Malachi Turns 7!

He walked into our room before 6am, carrying his “under the bed present.”  It was small and light — he wanted big and heavy!  He didn’t look too disappointed, thankfully. He opened the box to find a note.  I told him it read, “You have the biggest and heaviest present of all — Mama and Papa’s love for you!”  I thought he’d know it was a joke, but tears began to gather and a lip began to tremble, so I quickly told him I was kidding and proceeded to read the note; a treasure hunt!  When he came to the bike, he was THRILLED!  Couldn’t even wait until after breakfast to test it out…

Breakfast was his favorite; mini German pancakes, and of course presents!  Two sets of Legos.  He was the happiest boy on the planet!

The day was relaxing… a little school, out to eat at The Habit, a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for dessert, and then family movie night: “Wreck it Ralph.”

Happy birthday, to the sweetest 7 year old I know!!!


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