Scenes from a Rainy Day

One of the perks of homeschooling… tea parties on rainy days!  We were so blessed to have no where to go this past Thursday as the rain just poured steadily the entire day.  It also just happened to fall on our Thankful Thursday tea party day, which was a bonus!  My heart was indeed feeling quite thankful!  (How silly we Californians are — one day of rain and it’s like a holiday!)

I just LOVE this rainy day lady Natalie drew… doesn’t she look like Mary Poppins?  I also love listening to her practice “The Grinch” on the piano.  Cozy, cozy, cozy!

It was super dark all day until about 4:30pm when suddenly the sun appeared… as did the most beautiful rainbow!

I was inspired by a phone call from my brother earlier in the morning saying he was making some sourdough.  I couldn’t do sourdough, but I could do our simple bread for dinner; and I did!

And, alas… the view from my office the day after the rain.  Glorious!

Legoland 2018

For Malachi’s 7th birthday, he chose to go to Legoland with his brother and 3 sisters, as well as 3 other sisters… daughters of our dear friends.  For that day, I was “Aunt Cara,” and I can honestly say I loved everything about it.  The park was fairly empty, with no more than a 5 minute wait per ride.  The temperature was just right.  And the kids…

Let me be honest here for a second.  I half-dreaded this day where Daniel and I would be outnumbered 5 – 1.  I worried about dynamics, and who would sit by whom, and tired kids melting down, and arguments over which rides to do next.  But, I took those worries to the Lord at 4:30am that morning with a quick jog and lots of prayer.  I don’t say that for my own glory.  I simply want to say He is SO FAITHFUL and answered every prayer to where I can say there were zero problems.  Seriously.  Not one squabble.  Not one complaint.  Smiles and joy.  I didn’t just “get through” the day — I enjoyed every minute!  (Including the 90 minute drive there and back!)

I’ll leave you with Malachi’s words from the other day.  “Mom.  Can I do exactly the same thing for my birthday next year as this year with the same people and everything?”

That’d be awesome, buddy!