Easter 2019

Aaaaannnd, for the millionth time, here is the simple and delicious edible mint play dough recipe:

2/3 c light corn syrup

1 stick butter

2 tsp peppermint extract

1 tsp salt

1 bag (2 lbs.) powdered sugar

food coloring

Mix in a Kitchen Aid.  Separate into desired number of balls, and add food coloring.  Mix using latex gloves to save your hands.  Enjoy!

What a week, what a week!!  It went something like this — Sunday; Xavi’s party. Monday; prepare our garden for garden judging, Tuesday; Xavi’s actual birthday, and a trip to the bounce house, Wednesday; Grandma and Grandpa arrive, Thursday; Garden judging and I fly out to Utah to meet Daniel for a fun getaway; Saturday; we fly back home, Sunday; Easter!  Whew — we made it!

How wonderful to end such a busy week with the celebration of Easter and the resurrection of our Savior!  We enjoyed church, Easter baskets, egg salad (of course!), egg hunt, watching Peter Rabbit, games, mint play dough, and a wonderful dinner cooked by Daniel, which I failed to snap a picture of.  In fact, Daniel and Grandpa somehow missed all the pictures, but let me reassure you they were there!

He is risen!

Utah Getaway!

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I considered a drive to the grocery store alone with my husband to be a “getaway.”  When the kids were little, it was just that much harder.  In recent years, we have found a way to escape — just for a day or two – at the end of one of my husband’s business trips.  Though they are short, they are filled to the brim and feel amazing!

This week, I flew to Salt Lake City, UT to meet Daniel at the end of his trip.  (We’ve previously done this in Seattle, WA, Las Vegas, NV, and Naples, FL!)  I flew in Thursday evening, where he met me by train and we headed back to downtown for sushi and vegan ice cream.  (We were literally in line for the ice cream when we read, “anti-dairy;” huh?)  But, it was delicious!

The next day was our only “full day” together, and so we filled it!  We began by walking to the super cute underground coffee shop called “Cupla” and run by twin sisters.  My lavender latte and croissant sandwich were amazing.  Next, we headed an hour south of town in search of Fifth Water Hot Springs…

Armed with sandwiches and swimsuits, we headed up this 2.3 mile “hike,” which followed the river the entire way.  It was so beautiful, and the nicest day!

There were signs of spring mixed with patches of snow.  Creation is wonderful!

When we finally reached the hot springs, we were amazed… The water was a little too hot for me, yet right next to ice cold snow run-off.  If I sat in just the right spot between the two, the water was just right!

Daniel was more brave than I, and chose to indulge in the hottest spring of the bunch.  I decided taking a picture was more comfortable for me!

After a quick shower at the hotel, we headed back downtown and found a ramen place for dinner.  A super cool feature of SLC is their “Free Zone” for their downtown trains.  From the restaurant, we took the train to the concert hall, where we saw Troupe Vertigo perform with the symphony orchestra.   Fantastic show!  We again caught the train to a dessert spot, where I got to try rosemary honey ice cream.

The next day we flew home… and that was our getaway!  Just long enough to have some cool experiences and wonderful food, but not too long away from the kids.  Refreshing!

Xavi Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo

We had SO much fun celebrating Xavi’s 4th birthday… (His second birthday with us!)  Since his first Halloween costume, this boy has loved sharks.  It just so happens that the most popular song out there right now for little dudes is “Baby Shark.”  We took the liberty of changing it to “Xavi Shark!”  From shark teeth to a shark watermelon bowl, it was pretty easy to find some shark-themed foods.

Natalie and Sierra set up the face painting and tattoo stations.  I like having big kids who help!

Game 1:  “Walk the Plank.”

Game 2:  Shark Bubbles.  (Bubbles are Xavi’s favorite!)

Game 3:  Shark Tag

Right after this shot, my camera died… and so that’s the party!  Good thing it made it most of the way.

Happy 4th birthday, my sweet boy!  We love you!

p.s.  Xavy looked at this banner with blue “x” tape, and exclaimed, “That tape is for me!  It says, ‘Xavi!'”

April Swim

It was a beautiful day… it was… Outside, it was a lovely 88 degrees.  It was our first warm day in quite some time.  While I’m definitely not ready for the heat of summer, the warmth after our cold winter felt so nice!  Still… you couldn’t pay me enough to jump into that frigid pool!  I agreed to let the boys swim, thinking they wouldn’t get past their tippy toes.  They more than proved me wrong!

Aaaaand, we found 3 ripe peaches among the many little green ones.  Amazingly, the boys got them before the rats.  I spent my time thinning out the peach tree while the boys swam and enjoyed their first peach.

I can’t believe summer is around the corner.  For now, I am just hoping to make it until Spring Break, (which begins after we finish school tomorrow.)  Hope I can survive!  🙂

Today after school, the kids sat and looked through all our old blog books for hours.  They had so much fun reminiscing and showing me pictures.  “Can you believe we did that?”  “Do you remember when… ?”  I tried downloading pictures a few weeks ago, but ran into some technical difficulties.  Their enthusiasm inspired me to troubleshoot and get these pictures up.  Thankfully, I was successful, so I hope to blog more regularly once again!

Hope you’re enjoying some warm spring weather where you are!